Root Checker App For iOS, iPhone & iPad – Free Download

Root Checker App: Root Checker is a simple and easy app that lets the user check if their device is rooted in just a few seconds. This application is easy as pressing a single button to find out.

Checking if the user has Superuser privileges is the only function of the Root Checker application. This means that Root Checker application doesn’t help the user to root up their device or anything like that. Root Checker simply informs the user about their state of their device, and nothing else.

Root Checker App For iOS – Download

The only extra feature in Root Checker is sharing the results on social media channels.

Root Checker is a simple application and very light weight. Even though its use is very specific, it is, without a doubt, very useful. It’s especially interesting for that moment after rooting their device in which the user are not a 100 percent certain whether they have done it right.

Root checker features for iOS and iPhone

  • Accurate

The root checker application is provenly and thorough methods to verify proper root installation.

  • Trusted

The root checker application is used by over 10 million people in and around 180 countries around the globe.

  • Reliable

The root checker is the reliable app for rooting.

  • Educational

This application also provides essential information about the Rooting.

  • Shareable

With the help of this application, the user can easily share the results with their family and friends.

  • Advanced

Through this application also provides information about the advanced and modern troubleshooting details.

  • Guidance

The root checker application also provides custom guidance for each unique state of the device.

  • No Advertisement

The application does not contain any advertisement and does not disturb the user while using the application.

  • BusyBox

The root checker application provides quickly determine BusyBox installation status and applet support.

  • Less storage

This application consumes very less storage capacity in the iPhone devices.

Steps to download the root checker application in the iPhone device

To download the root checker application on the iphone device. There are two methods-

Firstly To download through the official website

  • First of all the user has to go to the browser of their iphone.
  • After that simply enter the official website in the URL.
  • After entering the URL the official website of the root checker application will open and at the bottom there is an option for download the application for ios or iPhone.
  • Simply click on that and the downloading process will start automatically.
  • After downloading the user has to open the app and install it on their device.
  • And simply enjoy using the application.

Secondly to download from the app store

  • To download the root checker application on the ios device this is the simplest way to download.
  • Simply the user has to go to the app store of their iPhone or iOS device.
  • And search for the root checker application on the app store.
  • The first application that will come is the official application of the root checker.
  • Simply download it and enjoy using the application.

How to Verify the Root Access with Root Checker application on the ios device

It is very easy to use this application with no complicated UI, technical work and buttons. There are just simple few steps to verify how to use and verify root access on their phone or tablet with the Root Checker application.

Step 1 – Download Root Checker from the App Store and install on your ios device.

Step 2 – Open Root Checker app.

Step 3 – click on the “Verify Root Access” button.

Step 4 – Wait while the app checks for the root access. If prompted with the following screen, click the ‘Grant’ button.

Step 5 – That’s it. The results will be shown on the user screen now.

If the user get a message that their device have root access, that means the user ios phone or ipad has been rooted successfully and now they can install and use any ios app that requires the access of root.

The root checker is the best application for checking the rooting of the device in just simple few steps without any skills or technical knowledge. And this application is loved by around millions of people around the world.