Google Chromecast – A Streaming Device Supporting Numerous Powerful Apps

With a compact and small design, Chromecast from Google is a powerful streaming device loaded with numerous robust features and supporting an array of latest apps. If you wish to use Chromecast or are planning to do so, and wish to know about all the apps it supports, then reading this post will be beneficial to you.

Avail Netflix at a Budget

It is a popular service that can be used only when you have an internet access. It can be used only on HDTVs that are connected. But if you don’t have this application in your smartphone, then you can use Chrome cast extension. It is because Netflix is one of the prominently supported apps by Chromecast.

Enjoy Videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to watch and upload videos on almost every subject. Chromecase supports YouTube and allows you to watch videos, movies, and all other sort of entertainment stuff on the big screen of your TV. This is one thing that most of the other similar devices would not be able to offer because of embedded ads.

Get Access to Google Play Music

If you wish to enjoy a great experience with Google Play Music, then using Chromecast can provide you a convenient access to it. With Google Play, you can stream music available in the Google’s library to your smart TV. Not only this is great, but is powerful and can serve users with amazing music quality.

Watch Your Favorite Movie with Google Play Movies

It is a bag full of numerous exciting stuffs. With Google Play, you are not limited to just watching movies, but you can even enjoy watching local videos. No need to download it individually as Chromecast offers direct support to it.

Quench Your Music Urge with Pandora

If you have a huge hunger for quality and latest music and Google Play Music is not able to cater you to the fullest then try the Pandora app. Supported by Chromecast app which can help you listen to your favorite track from the vast available library. It is a big platform that can satisfy your music zeal to the fullest.

While Chromecast support these apps already, there are few others on the list that might be added in the list in the coming time. HBO Go and Hulu are two such apps that might get linked to Chromecast. Hulu offers a comprehensive range of television programing and let you watch all sorts of updates of your shows without requiring any antenna or cable setup. HBO Go is another powerful app that allows users to play numerous types of live games.

Despite small in size, Chromecast is an excellent streaming unit that offers users with innumerable apps and features. Moreover, everything is available to you at pocket-friendly prices. So, no need to think twice! As besides supporting so many eminent apps, it gives you the power to showcase your mobile content on the big screen of your TV.