Root Checker Apk 6.1.5 Download For Android Device – Latest Version!

Root Checker Apk permits you to check root status of an android device whether it is a rooted or non-rooted device. Download root checker app and install on your android device for root checking of your android mobile.

Root Checker Basic carries the simple interface and serves the function of checking root access of a particular android device access(administrator, Super-User, or SU). Verifying root access manually is treated as the culturing process involving a bit of coding, enable sand need of the computer. Root checker makes this process consistent, quick and easy by one tap that has been successfully tested on millions of devices successfully. The SU binary is the most mutual binary used on Android devices to grant and manage root (Super-User) access. Root checker will check and confirm super user access. If the access is granted then it prompts a message stating your device is rooted. If the request has been repudiated by the super user then the device is not rooted. Root Checker guarantees 100% precise results.

Root Checker Apk For Android – Free Download

Root Checker Apk

What is rooting?

Rooting is a process of unlocking administrative right enable to access the inner core access of Operating system. Rooting has its own uses and drawbacks. A Rooted device can unbind all the situations and can hack into every application or games installed on android mobile. Apart from these, users can install custom ROM on their android device outwardly to upgrade or downgrade current Android OS. But rooting is exceptionally dangerous if it’s not followed in a particular manner which probably may brick mobile turning out to be worth. It is always counseled to move with a professional for rooting mobile.

Root Checker Apk is a quick way to check if your phone has root access after your first attempt at rooting your phone. This application shows verbose information that is needed in order to check if your phone is truly rooted.

Disclaimer: It does not root phone.

Root Checker checks for root on your phone and has the following features:

– Senses if your phone has Root access
Presents the following content:
– User and Group Ids
– Super-User Location
– Su and Su-do Location
– Environmental Variables
– Device and Android Version besides the API Level

Root Checker was prepared for users to easily check for root user access (super-user) on their phones! It will notify user of the information listed(above). This is a simple application that root access by retrieving the “su” binary that is installed on the user’s phone while rooting. Also, the application, “Super-User” must be installed and working accurately as well as in order for the process to work.

When running the application, the user will be urged with Super-User asking for root access on their device and the information showing root access will be showed.

If you are looking forward to check whether your Android device is rooted or not, ‘Root Checker’ is the preeminent app for you. Install it to authenticate your root or Super-User (SU)’s configuration. Root Checker is entirely free for you to use. It is very quick and easy app. Root checker is casted-off on more than ten million Android devices. If your Super-User is not properly installed or correctly working, the Root Checker detects it right away.

No matter if you are using it first time, Root Checker gives you the simplest methods to check your device and access root, administrator, or Super-User (SU). If you have not set up your root or SU access appropriately, it will definitely notify it. Root Checker is a user interface application. It uses a very constant and reliable method which has been experienced on ten million Android devices before, and then tests your devices for root or Super-User access. The methods of testing are too quick and rapid. It has being appreciated from every user of it so far.

The most recurrent binary that is used on Android devices is SU binary which controls root (Super-User) access. RootChecker checks and authorizes if the Super-User binary is situated in its standard place or not on the devices. Further, it checks and verifies the proper functioning of the root access.

If you are a new user, you may find some dilemmas along the path of installing, and if you are a consistent user, you may do it quite easily because of your experience and will not find any complexities. Nevertheless, how accomplished or untrained you are, Root checker is always there for your help. It confirms if the Super-User access is working 100 percent in a correct and rapid way or not.

There are some diverse terms for the process of confirming Super-User access. These are ‘Gaining Administrator Access’ and ‘Gaining Super-User Access’, for example. As these terms are some other names of the identical functioning, so Root Checker covers them all. Root Checker is also able to run instructions via Super-User Binary with root access.

After you have installed the Super-User management applications, such as Super-SU or Super-User, etc., and start working with them, Root Checker, with the aid of these applications, will ask you to reject or admit the root access request. If you accept the request, Root Checker will start authenticating and approving your root access. While, on the other hand, if you discard the request, Root Checker will not root any access.

Got rooted? This app will let you know if your device has root (Super-User) access or not. It’s 100% free! No ads, no upgrades, just wholesome Android love.

NOTE: This app does not root the device. It does not transform any system files. The solitary purpose of the app is to check whether or not a device has root access. It also delivers helpful information about root and Android.

This is a great tool for anyone who is concerned in rooting anAndroid device. It offers a helpful root guide, root terminology, frequently asked questions, and everything you need to get you started. This app will not root your device, but it will give you skilled knowledge and point you in the right direction.

So you have root access now… what next? This app offers the most prevalent root apps on Google Play. Find the best root apps and see your currently installed apps that can offer root functionality.

With a material design, Root Check is one stimulating beast of an app.It is the smoothest and fastest “root checker” available. Don’t waste your time on obsolete apps. This is a genuine deal; developed by one of the top rated “root” developers on Google Play.

How to Install Root Checker Apk on Android Device

  • Download Root Checker APK from PlayStore.
  • Install Root Checker app from the downloaded path on your android mobile.
  • Note: If you are installing third party Apk file externally on your android device for the first time ever, you may notice an error like installation blocked. Nothing invasive, you can check accept unknown resources and continue installation.
  • Well, that’s it, you have effectively installed Root Checker on android device.
  • It’s time to check out the root status of your android mobile.

Google Chromecast – A Streaming Device Supporting Numerous Powerful Apps

With a compact and small design, Chromecast from Google is a powerful streaming device loaded with numerous robust features and supporting an array of latest apps. If you wish to use Chromecast or are planning to do so and wish to know about all the apps it supports, then reading this post will be beneficial to you.

Avail Netflix at a Budget

It is a popular service that can be used only when you have an internet access. It can be used only on HDTVs that are connected. But if you don’t have this application on your smartphone, then you can use Chrome cast extension. It is because Netflix is one of the prominently supported apps by Chromecast.

Enjoy Videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to watch and upload videos on almost every subject. Chromecast supports YouTube and allows you to watch videos, movies, and all another sort of entertainment stuff on the big screen of your TV. This is one thing that most of the other similar devices would not be able to offer because of embedded ads.

Get Access to Google Play Music

If you wish to enjoy a great experience with Google Play Music, then using Chromecast can provide you a convenient access to it. With Google Play, you can stream music available in the Google’s library to your smart TV. Not only this is great, but is powerful and can serve users with amazing music quality.

Watch Your Favorite Movie with Google Play Movies

It is a bag full of numerous exciting kinds of stuff. With Google Play, you are not limited to just watching movies, but you can even enjoy watching local videos. No need to download it individually as Chromecast offers direct support to it.

Quench Your Music Urge with Pandora

If you have a huge hunger for quality and latest music and Google Play Music is not able to cater you to the fullest then try the Pandora app. Supported by Chromecast app which can help you listen to your favorite track from the vast available library. It is a big platform that can satisfy your music zeal to the fullest.

While Chromecast support these apps already, there are few others on the list that might be added to the list in the coming time. HBO Go and Hulu are two such apps that might get linked to Chromecast. Hulu offers a comprehensive range of television programming and lets you watch all sorts of updates of your shows without requiring any antenna or cable setup. HBO Go is another powerful app that allows users to play numerous types of live games.

Despite small in size, Chromecast is an excellent streaming unit that offers users with innumerable apps and features. Moreover, everything is available to you at pocket-friendly prices. So, no need to think twice! As besides supporting so many eminent apps, it gives you the power to showcase your mobile content on the big screen of your TV.

Root Checker for PC, Laptop | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Free Download

Root checker is an awesome app which is very much popular on Google play store. This app is available on both Google Play store as well as third-party internet market. This application of Root checker is very useful for users and is developed by famous developers. Nowadays there are lots of applications which are available for an android smartphone but not available for PC users. In this article, we will know about the steps related to downloading and installing the root checker application on your PC. We will every step which is useful in doing the process.

If you are an android smartphone user you can download the Root checker application from play store for free of cost. The upgraded version of this application has been upgraded with lots of exciting and new additional features. We will let you know the steps which are necessary for using the application of Root checker on your PC whether it be Windows XP/Vista/7/8 or Mac operating system. This application is getting lots of popularity each passing days and there are currently millions of users using this application. The application has lots of features and it basically checks whether your smartphone is having the root access of your phone or not.

Root Checker for PC | Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) – Download

Root Checker for PC

You can see the device version, android version, superuser, Busybox and environment variables using this application. It helps in checking and verifying the SU binary located on your device and is also helpful in checking user and group ID. In this article, we will learn about using this application in our PC.

Steps for Installing and Downloading on PC:

The steps related to downloading the root checker app and installing it on your PC are very easy and can be done by following these simple process. The following are the steps necessary to get Root checker application on your PC:

  • For getting the Root checker application on your PC, first of all, you need an android emulator for your PC or Laptop. If there is already an emulator on your PC you can ignore this step. If not then you can download the Android emulator Bluestacks from the internet to your PC directly.
  • After downloading the android emulator of Bluestacks from over the internet to your PC. Just install the emulator on your PC.
  • Before installing the Bluestacks emulator you have to choose your operating system. Choose your current operating system like windows XP/vista/8 etc. and click on install button to install it on your PC. After few minutes the Bluestacks emulator will installed on your PC. It usually takes 10-15mins to be installed.
  • On the homepage of the Bluestacks emulator, you will find lots of application and icons. Select the search option and look out for Root Checker application.
  • Download the Root checker apk file from over the emulator and install the Root checker apk file on the Bluestacks android emulator.
  • After you can see an icon of Root checker application on your android emulator screen. Click on the icon to use the Root checker application on your PC or laptops.

These were the steps related to downloading and installing Root Checker application on your PC using the android emulator.

System Requirements and Features for PC Users:

The system requirements for PC to install the Root checker application are as follows:

  • The PC should be of 32bit or 64bit Microsoft windows operating system 7/8/8.1/XP/VISTA
  • The operating system can be also MAC
  • There should be a minimum of 512 MB of RAM.
  • The graphics driver stored on the PC should be good.

If in PC superuser management applications or the super SU are installed and are working properly then the applications of superuser will prompt the user to accept or deny the root access request from root checker. Root checker on accepting the request will check and confirm for root access and on denying the request will report no root access. This is a great application to have on your device to check the root access and currently, this application is highly popular.

These were the steps and process required to follow to get access to the Root Checker application from your PC. Feel free to ask for any queries related with the downloading and installing of Root Checker application on your PC.

Root Checker App For iOS, iPhone & iPad – Free Download

Root Checker App: Root Checker is a simple and easy app that lets the user check if their device is rooted in just a few seconds. This application is easy as pressing a single button to find out.

Checking if the user has Superuser privileges is the only function of the Root Checker application. This means that Root Checker application doesn’t help the user to root up their device or anything like that. Root Checker simply informs the user about their state of their device, and nothing else.

Root Checker App For iOS – Download

The only extra feature in Root Checker is sharing the results on social media channels.

Root Checker is a simple application and very light weight. Even though its use is very specific, it is, without a doubt, very useful. It’s especially interesting for that moment after rooting their device in which the user are not a 100 percent certain whether they have done it right.

Root checker features for iOS and iPhone

  • Accurate

The root checker application is provenly and thorough methods to verify proper root installation.

  • Trusted

The root checker application is used by over 10 million people in and around 180 countries around the globe.

  • Reliable

The root checker is the reliable app for rooting.

  • Educational

This application also provides essential information about the Rooting.

  • Shareable

With the help of this application, the user can easily share the results with their family and friends.

  • Advanced

Through this application also provides information about the advanced and modern troubleshooting details.

  • Guidance

The root checker application also provides custom guidance for each unique state of the device.

  • No Advertisement

The application does not contain any advertisement and does not disturb the user while using the application.

  • BusyBox

The root checker application provides quickly determine BusyBox installation status and applet support.

  • Less storage

This application consumes very less storage capacity in the iPhone devices.

Steps to download the root checker application in the iPhone device

To download the root checker application on the iphone device. There are two methods-

Firstly To download through the official website

  • First of all the user has to go to the browser of their iphone.
  • After that simply enter the official website in the URL.
  • After entering the URL the official website of the root checker application will open and at the bottom there is an option for download the application for ios or iPhone.
  • Simply click on that and the downloading process will start automatically.
  • After downloading the user has to open the app and install it on their device.
  • And simply enjoy using the application.

Secondly to download from the app store

  • To download the root checker application on the ios device this is the simplest way to download.
  • Simply the user has to go to the app store of their iPhone or iOS device.
  • And search for the root checker application on the app store.
  • The first application that will come is the official application of the root checker.
  • Simply download it and enjoy using the application.

How to Verify the Root Access with Root Checker application on the ios device

It is very easy to use this application with no complicated UI, technical work and buttons. There are just simple few steps to verify how to use and verify root access on their phone or tablet with the Root Checker application.

Step 1 – Download Root Checker from the App Store and install on your ios device.

Step 2 – Open Root Checker app.

Step 3 – click on the “Verify Root Access” button.

Step 4 – Wait while the app checks for the root access. If prompted with the following screen, click the ‘Grant’ button.

Step 5 – That’s it. The results will be shown on the user screen now.

If the user get a message that their device have root access, that means the user ios phone or ipad has been rooted successfully and now they can install and use any ios app that requires the access of root.

The root checker is the best application for checking the rooting of the device in just simple few steps without any skills or technical knowledge. And this application is loved by around millions of people around the world.

Root Checker Alternatives & Similar Apps for Android – Download

Root Checker Alternatives: Root checker application is a very simple app which checks if the user Android device has Superuser access (“root”) or not. It is a very handy app for those who are new to the world of Android modding.

There are many alternatives to the root checker application. But the similar features application are

Root Checker Alternatives & Similar Apps for Android



Z4root apk is an amazing and interesting root app that is designed for ease and is free of cost for android users.

Features of Z4ROOT

Following are the features of the app that the user need to know-

  • Z4ROOT application is free of cost application and is always good.
  • If the user has not got the advanced android devices and other apps are heavy, then Z4ROOT is their bite. It is a very lighter application and doesn’t put any load on their old android device.
  • It has very high successful ratio while rooting. This is another solid reason for the users to have the Z4ROOT application.
  • While the user is using apps and suddenly pop-ups appear or any notification or add occurs or shows it sucks! Z4ROOT is absolutely advertisements
  • It is designed to use very easily. The user does not need to go through difficult features to root up their device.
  • It has straight forwarding features. The user won’t have to go through difficult tools to work with the Z4root application which really makes it an amazing and interesting app.
  • This app roots the device in just one click and root the device permanently.
  • The latest version of this application is compatible with almost 99% of Android phones.
  • The latest version of Z4root apk offers the two alternatives. That is one is for brief rooting and second is for permanent rooting.
  • If anything goes wrong while rooting, the user can fix it simply by rebooting their device.


Root Explorer apk is the ultimate most functional, most powerful, and useful file manager for users who wants to root their device. Root explorer apk allows the user to Access the whole android’s file system including the files which are secured ones.

Features of the root explorer apk

  • Managing Files : – the user can open and manage the files which they cannot see on their android device.
  • Excess to Hidden Content :- the user can view the data that are hidden in android device for any security purposes such as data of the apps and games they downloaded.
  • Multiple Tabs:- the user can open multiple tabs in root explorer as they do in browsers.
  • The root explorer apk supports google drive, Dropbox, and many other online storages.

It has SQLite database viewer, to select multiple files, remount files, send files via the options such as Bluetooth, email etc and with many more exciting features.


KingRoot Apk is the most powerful and the free Android Rooting tool which is used to root any Android phones or tablets with just in one single click. The company is officially regularly providing new updates for Kingroot to make it compatible with more devices as well as the latest devices. Kingroot Apk supports the most variety of devices among all the similar rooting tools. So, it is most possibility that Kingroot application can root the device even if other similar tools failed many times before.

Special Features provided by Kingroot application

  • Most popular application with One-click root tool for android devices.
  • The most verified and trusted application.
  • It Supports a large number of devices than any other tools which are similar. Kingroot application supports the total of around 104136+ models.
  • Kingroot has rooted around 97.8% of the total devices and tried to root their device. This is the most successful rate of the application in the development industry.
  • This application is available for free of cost to its users with no advertisement within the application.

The root checker is the best application and there is no such application still built as compared to this. This application is loved by millions of people around the globe and has great reviews as compared to other application.